Friday, April 1, 2011

March in Review

Wow, it's already April? Holy crap! Summer is coming up sooner than I thought and I'm way behind on my reading goals already! *sigh*

So, for April - I've decided to do a contest. Any meaningful comments you leave will be counted towards the contest. Meaningful means a full sentence or two that doesn't just say something like "great review", etc. There will be at least one winner. All posts in April count except for contest/contest winner posts. Winner(s) will win an April YA release book of their choosing (as long as I can find it). I prefer to order via Book Depository. Here's a post by Wicked Lil Pixie that has all of April's releases.

We will have a daily poem posted thanks to April being National Poetry Month as well as some other features going on. So make sure to leave a comment. :)

Reviews posted this month:
1.Falling Under by Gwen Hayes
2 -5. Middle Grade Shorts - Hereville by Barry Deutsch, The Unusual Suspects by Michael Buckley, Elliot and the Goblin War by Jennifer Nielsen, and Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke
6. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
7. With Friends Like These by Reshonda Tate Billingsley
8. Chasing Alliecat by Rebecca Fjelland Davis
9. Briar Rose by Jane Yolen
10. The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard
11. Getting Even by Reshonda Tate Billingsley
12. The Chaos by Rachel Ward
13. Spray by Harry Edge
14. Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler
15. Curse of the Blue Tattoo by L.A. Meyer
16. Under the Jolly Roger by L.A. Meyer
17. Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey
18. Fairest of All by Serena Valentino
19. In the Belly of the Bloodhound by L.A. Meyer
20 - 23. Middle Grade Shorts - The Shadows by Jacqueline West, Bless this Mouse by Lois Lowry, and The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu, and The Problem Child by Michael Buckley
24. Nickel Plated by Aric Davis

Other features posted:
Lemniscate Quote Blog Hop
Character Interview: Sadie from Chasing Alliecat
The Library Corner - NIU Conference
Lemniscate Chapter 1 reveal
Character Interview: Nickel from Nickel Plated
Character Interview: Tansy from Through Her Eyes

Blogger Spotlights posted:
Black Fingernailed Reviews
Hooked to Books
YA Booklover Blog

Debut Author Challenge: 1 read (5 total)
E-Book Reading Challenge: 0 read
YA Historical Fiction Challenge: 3 read (6 total)
Off the Shelf Reading Challenge: 9 read (15 total)
Audio Book Challenge: 2 read (4 total)
Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge: 21 read (44 total)
Bloody Jack Reading Challenge: 2 read (4 total)

Debut Author Challenge: 0 read (1 total)

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  1. Not one of those have I read, though I am yearning for Delirium.

    Happy April Reading!

  2. I want Delirium, too. I think it would make the perfect companion read for XVI by Julia Karr and Matched by Ally Condie, all dytopians about broken views of love.
    PS How do you manage to read so much? *-*

  3. I cannot explain my love for books. LOL. Well maybe I can but it will take way too long! LOL. Where do you find the time to read and blog! I find it amazing how bloggers read and write reviews! I'm only in high school and yet I'm barely reading these days! But you know I'm managing. LOL. I think I need to expand my vocabulary haha!


  4. I really want to read Falling Under. And I am absolutely dying to read Delirium (am going to pick it up from the library tomorrow).

    Zombie Girrrl I am also dystopian obsessed!

    jlkalman26 at gmail dot com

  5. I was able to borrow an ARC of Delirium. It is a delicious book. Love no longer exists, except it does! I expect this will be a huge hit.
    I can't wait to read Middle Grade Shorts and Bloody Jack.


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