Friday, June 3, 2011

Top Ten Distractions of Angie Frazier

Today, I have the wonderful Angie Frazier, author of Everlasting and Eternal Sea. She's here to talk about the distractions in her life!

Right now, my life is all about distractions. It’s my curse to be hit with a number of stressful, time-consuming events all at once. What would I rather be doing? Writing. Every day, all day. Yes, I’m addicted. And when I don’t write, I get cranky. Everyone within a one-mile radius suffers for it, too. So here’s my current list of Top Ten Distractions (in no particular order):

10.) Moving. I once read a list of the top ten most stressful life events and “moving” ranked number one. Now, I understand why. This girl really needs a vacation. Fast.

9.) Children. Man do these little creatures take up a lot of time and energy. And for some reason, they’re just not getting the whole “you’re getting on my nerves!” glare I send them regularly. Thank goodness they’re cute. (I exclude the 3 month old baby, who is of course cute, but not a recipient of the “glare”. Yet.)

8.) Books. More specifically, the book I’m devouring right now: WARPED by my fabulous critique partner Maurissa Guibord. I’ve already read this amazing YA fantasy, but wanted to get lost in its amazingness again. Hello, a hot young nobleman changed into a unicorn by an evil sorceress and then magically woven into a tapestry, only to be released from his prison 500 years later by a teenage girl? You NEED to read this book.

7.) Book Releases. THE ETERNAL SEA will be my second book released this year. Woot! The first was back in March when THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL, my first Suzanna Snow mystery hit the shelves.

6.) Johnny Depp and Kyle Chandler. I refer, of course, to the new Pirates movie and the new Spielberg movie, Super 8. I just might have to treat myself.

5.) The Internets.

Dear Twitter and Facebook,
You take up way too much of my time. My poor little blog is feeling quite left out. Play fair.
Love, Angie.

4.) Summer Vacation. It’s coooommming. The children will be home all day, every day. I refer to Distraction #9.

3.) One-Star Ratings. I always tell myself to ignore them (thankfully I don’t have too many), that it’s inevitable, that all writers receive them. But still. :-P

2.) BEA. I’d wanted to go, but Distractions #10 and #9 prevented it. Instead, I used Distraction #5 and relentlessly stalked all the #BEA11 Tweets.

1.) Revising my WIP. I think about it nearly all day, longing for the moment I get to sit down and open up the Word document, picking up where I left off the day before. It’s an addiction!! The best kind.

I definitely understanding some of these distractions! Like wanting to go to BEA, summer break coming up and the internet sucking up all sorts of imaginable time. Thanks for sharing Angie!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the interview - I loved and completely agreed with the list. This interview made me smile.

  2. That totally cracked me up! LOL


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