Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Review: Mississippi Jack

Author: L.A. Meyer
Publication Date: September 2007
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Copy provided by: Library (audio)
Summary (via Goodreads):

The intrepid Jacky Faber, having once again eluded British authorities, heads west, hoping that no one will recognize her in the wilds of America. There she tricks the tall-tale hero Mike Fink out of his flatboat, equips it as a floating casino-showboat, and heads south to New Orleans, battling murderous bandits, British soldiers, and other scoundrels along the way. Will Jacky's carelessness and impulsive actions ultimately cause her beloved Jaimy to be left in her wake?

Bold, daring, and downright fun, Jacky Faber proves once again that with resilience and can-do spirit, she can wiggle out of any scrape . . . well, almost.

Why I read this: I love these books and they are amazing on audio!

Plot: In this book, we find Jacky trekking across the Americas and of course finding a boat to sail down the Mississippi River. Jacky may be inland, but she always finds a way to stay on water as much as possible. This book is full of new twists, a possibly reunion with Jaimy and some adventures that involve pirates, a whorehouse, and trying not to get killed.

Characters: I love Mike Fink. What a fantastic character. An over the top troll of a man whom Jacky steals a boat from. I absolutely love when the narrator did his voice. Such a loud, hilarious man and almost always in the liquor. I also loved meeting the other characters introduced in this book and hope we continue to run into many of them in the future. Jack is herself as usual, always cunning and of a positive nature even when in death's grip.

Relatability: Probably one of my favorite books in the series. It's hard to pick one, but this one is definitely up there.

Cover Commentary: I love the old covers, the new ones are awful and look nothing like the Jacky I picture.

Rating: 5/5 Roses as per usual.

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  1. I've been meaning to listen to this series... must add to my lsit.


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