Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wrapping things up!

Hello there marvelous blog followers!

I am off onto new adventures come this month and you'll start to see the blog become a little dead. I will, however, still be reviewing my Bloody Jack books on here and keeping up with the Bloody Jack Challenge (until further notice).

I am moving onto bigger, grander adventures. AKA collaboration blogs. You can find me in two places. The first is Book Blather, a collaboration between me and two other librarians from Illinois talking about books, programs and other fun stuff.

And my bigger project is The Book Monsters. Which has been running since June. All my old reviews are backed up over there and Kate (previously from The Neverending Shelf) and I are having tons of fun with new projects, keeping up with reviews, reading and other bloggy fun.

I love blogging, but I was finding this year really hard. I've been talking to Kate almost since we began blogging around the same time. At first it was little competitive and then suddenly we were talking every day on google chat and doing joint blog projects. We had talked about a year ago about doing a combo blog, but neither of us was ready to give up our blogs. This past spring, we were both getting tired, feeling a little overwhelmed and it just made sense for us to start on the project that we'd been talking about for nearly a year. So, that's when The Book Monsters came alive!

I hope you guys will stop by and take a look at the blogs, I'll still be on twitter to chat often so you can chat me up whenever.

Thanks for following Bookworming the past two years and I hope you'll find a new fun home like I have in
The Book Monsters and Book Blather.

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  1. this past year has been tough for me too, though Ive never been a super blogger lol. glad to see u found a better solution:)

  2. Well, I will be following your new blogging adventures for sure :)
    The bloody Jack books, even though I'm signed up on teh challenge, I haven't been able to find in India. As you can imagine, this is a bit of a dampener in my challenge plans.


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