Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Glass

Red Glass
by Laura Resau

From Laura's website:

One night Sophie, her mother, and her stepfather are called to a hospital, where Pablo, a five-year-old Mexican boy, is recovering from dehydration. Pablo was carrying the business card of Sophie's step-father - but he doesn't recognize the boy. Crossing the border into Arizona with seven other Mexicans and a coyote, or guide, Pablo and his parents faced such harsh conditions that the boy is the only survivor. Pablo comes to live with Sophie, her parents, and Sophie's aunt Dika, a refugee from the war in Bosnia. Sophie loves Pablo - her Principito, or Little Prince - but after a year, Sophie's parents are able to contact Pablo's extended family in Mexico, and Sophie, Dika, and Dika's new boyfriend and his son must travel with Pablo to his hometown so that he can make a heart-wrenching decision.

Sophie has always been afraid of everything - car wrecks, cancer, becoming an orphan herself. But traveling with Dika, Pablo, Mr. Lorenzo, and Angel - people who have suffered losses beyond Sophie's imagining - changes her perception of danger. Sophie feels a strong connection to Ángel, but she fears losing him almost as much as she enjoys their time together. When a tragic event forces Sophie to take a dangerous journey, she recognizes that life is beautiful even in the midst of death - and that love is worth the risk of losing.

I think I'm falling in love with everything Laura Resau writes. After having read What the Moon Saw, I just had to pick up another book by her. For the most part, I don't pick up realistic fiction, but I do enjoy multicultural literature, which is what Laura writes.

The different attitudes of the various characters with their differing backgrounds really pulls you into the story and into loving the characters. Sophie grows up in a materialistic world, but can let go and try on some adventure for the love of her adopted brother Pablo and a love interest named Angel.

This book makes you realize how safe we feel in America, how easy it is to get from place to place and how cold it can be. The view of Mexico that Resau shows us is a realistic one - where most of the people are willing to help, to share their home for a night. But there are dangers with the gangs in Mexico and the transportation isn't always safe.

I really was drawn into this book, with it's heart-wrenching moments where you're not sure if everyone will live happily ever after. The characters that just warm you inside out.

There's not much more to be said except to say that you MUST read this book and her other books.

5/5 Roses


  1. Thanks for spotlighting this book! The premise sounds amazing, and I think I must go find it NOW... :-)

  2. Red Glass is one of my all-time favs. Love. It.

    Did you see she has a new one out in October called Indigo Notebook? Can't wait!

    Still haven't read What the Moon Saw but will after your glowing reviews of both.


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