Saturday, August 1, 2009

A winner, and the ABC's of Me

First of all, I pulled a winner late last night, when I was dead tired and too lazy to post. The box of ALA goodies goes to...

Brooke Reviews!

Brooke, I will be sending out your box on Monday!

Also, sorry about the lack of an end date for the comment contest. It will end August 31st at midnight CST. Also, T'Aragam is definitely up for grabs, as I've already read it!

The ABC's of Me
I have been tagged TWICE. Thanks guys - Alex over at A Flight of Minds and Shayla at The Book Explorer obviously want to find out a bit about me. So, enjoy!

The Rules:

- Link to the person who tagged you
- Share your ABCs
- Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs
- Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website
- Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag.

Taken or single?

- Very much taken. I'm engaged to the most wonderful man on earth. We're getting married in my parent's backyard on October 24th this year. :)

Best Friend?

Lately, my older sister. But usually, my friend Melissa.

Cake or Pie?

Pie - especially pumpkin

Drink of choice?

Milk or water. If I feel really festive - sparkling grape juice. (Yeah, I don't do alcoholic beverages.)

Essential item for every day use?

- Laptop. I would die without it.

Favorite color?

- Blue, most shades. :)


- My catch phrase lately "Did you google it?". Definitely.


- Grayslake, IL (but not forever)


- chocolate and books, usually at the same time

January or February?

- February, my niece's birthday and V-day. (I love getting roses)

Kids and their names?

- None yet. When we do, we're thinking about Aliera for a girl's name and we're not sure about a boy's.

Life is incomplete without...?

- love.

Marriage date?

- October 24, 2009 (yes, it's soon!)

Number of siblings?

- Two - older sister Sarah (we're 18 months apart), and younger sister Carrie who is 10 years younger than me.

Oranges or apples?

- Apples

Phobias and fears?

- Afraid of losing loved ones

Fear of death?

- Eh depends on the day. :) I try not to think about it. Live hard and die happy I say.

Quote for the day?
I only ever have one.

“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Jack London

Reason to smile?

- Being in love. And naps. :)


- Spring and Fall, I love the in between seasons when it's cool and pretty.

Unknown fact about me?

- I'm very silly, consistently. I squeal, I go yay and I do run around and do silly dances when I'm happy.

Vegetable you hate?

- Lima beans, I will not eat them.. EVER

Worst habit?

- picking off scabs.. gross, but yeah.

Xrays you've had?

- Too many to count

Your fave food?

- Brownies as of late. :) Real food - Chicken with garlic potatoes.

Zodiac sign?

- Sagittarius

Tag 3 people?

- Emma at Booking Through 365
- Carrie at Carrie's YA Bookshelf
- Kim at The Book Butterfly

Okay, I think that's it. Now to update a quick few things on my actual blog blog.


  1. Congrats Brooke!!

    And that was really fun to read Kristen =)

  2. It was so fun reading you ABC's Kristen. It was funny because a lot of your answers are the same answers I would put! YAY for alikeness!

  3. Woot. Fun reading the ABC's Kristen. =)

  4. Nice learning more about you :)
    Thanks for the update on your comment contest end date.

    Congrats Brooke!

  5. Congratulations on the engagement and upcoming marriage! Best wishes! ^_^
    My mom used to call lima beans "hair grows" and told us they'd make our hair longer. I believed her for the most part, but mostly I just love veggies so I'd have eaten them even if she called them "foot grows."

  6. Congratulations! October is a beautiful month to be married in. Blue is the best color ever and no alcohol, yay!

  7. Girl, and you said I was on a roll! Congrats!

  8. OMG
    Happy soon to be married! That's wonderful news.

  9. EW, I hate Lima beans too!
    And congratulations on soon to being married!
    I think it's really cool that you are getting married in your parent's back yard, and it being fall, it will be beautiful!!

  10. Congrats to Brooke and I just read that we have a lot in common. The whole google thing is really hilarious. My friends always make fun of me for googling everything especially people. Also, congrats on your upcoming marriage!

  11. So jealous of Brooke!

    lol and I tagged you too earlier today :P but I didn't get around to telling you and my internet was being stupid

  12. Congrats to the winner :D
    That meme is too fun! I agree with a few things like the laptop(I would die without mine too) and Google. Lmao.
    I <3 Google!

  13. No alcohol?? Come on!! hahaha...
    I'm gonna copy you and do this at my blog!!

  14. Congrats to Brooke (I'm jealous)! I'm not an alcohol drinker, either. The upside is, my friends appreciate that I'm always willing to be the designated driver. Also, your wedding date is soon, congratulations!

  15. amen I would die without my laptop as well. ::cuddles laptop close:: this is my baby and I hate living it alone.

    congrats on your impending marriage!!
    (is always late to any party...)

  16. I loved your abc's. I learned a little bit about you.

  17. I'm so excited that your getting Married! It's funny because October is the month when we are getting married as well! We are having a medieval themed wedding,YAY!. I bet yours will be amazing! Congrats dear!

  18. Congrats on your upcoming marriage, Kristen! All my best wishes to you:)

  19. Lima beans are the ultimate demon. *shivers*

  20. I was tagged to do this a while back and it was fun to do and to also read other peoples.

  21. Congrats on the upcoming marriage. I wish you both all the happiness in the world. :D


  22. Congrats Brooke Reviews. Enjoy!

  23. I don't do alcoholic beverages either, but I prefer Mountain Dew (I know...bad bad bad!) I love the girl name you have picked out. Haven't heard that one before. Great Post!

  24. "Live hard and die happy I say."
    I like that one Kristen!
    It's always nice to learn more about other bloggers, I should do my ABC sometime =)

  25. I really need to do my own ABC's. I keep seeing things like this on blogs but I just never get around to it.


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