Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bloggiesta Update #2

Today I started the Bloggiesta around 10 pm and worked until nearly 11 pm with a two hour dinner and Borders trip fit in there. So - 11 hours total! That brings me up to 16 total hours so far.

What did I accomplish today?

  • I labeled all of my posts - nearly 500. None of them had labels! Then I added a label search to the sidebar. Big thanks to Beth Fish Reads for hosting a mini-challenge with tips on how to label your posts!
  • Updated my favicon and gravatar. Thank you Trish for providing information for these (old mini-challenge).
  • Buddied up with Kate from The Neverending Shelf all day for support on the Bloggiesta. Kate's been at it 29 hours already! She wows me.. We've had tons of fun chatting on Google all weekend. (mini challenge at My Friend Amy)
  • Cleaned up my Blog Feeds - went from 550 to 398! Cut off a little more than 150 old, dead blogs. :) Old Mini-Challenge from The Book Lady's Blog
  • Backed up my blog! (Mini-challenge from Farm Lane Books)
  • Rearranged my sidebars
  • Reviewed Eyes Like Stars
  • Also, started on the Comment Challenge with Pam from MotherReader and did my first 10 comments and by the end of the day was up to 25 comments!

Okay, I know I tackled some huge goals today, but I'm feeling WAY behind. I still have reviews, WoW posts, and Spotlights to catch up on among a bazillion other goals.

Well it's time to get some rest so I can blog another 10+ hours tomorrow!


  1. I feel the same way that you do -- I accomplished so much and still have so much left to do!

  2. OMG! 11 hours? That is great. You got so much done today I am so impressed. I can't believe you labeled 500 posts. I'm dreading going through my posts and cleaning up my labels. At least you are giving me inspiration :)

  3. I agree with Debbie on this: OMG! 11 hours? Thats great. But your blog looks awsome to me, I've bookmarked it.

  4. While I started late with the Bloggiesta, I have been at it all morning (my mornings usually start at around 1:30 AM give or take 30 minutes or so). I really love your site, and I wanted to thank you for the information about blog labels. Being a newbie I am picking up info all the time. Still have lots to learn though. Appreciate your help

  5. Great progress! Thanks for for reminding me to back up my blog!

    I so wish I could have dedicated hours and hours to updating my blog - I'm very jealous of you :)

  6. Wow! You have accomplished so much. I wish I could wake up and find all those things accomplished on my computer. Dare to dream.

  7. Yay for you! I am hoping to just go look at other participant blogs today to see what they did.


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