Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eek & Ack vs The Wolfman

Eek and Ack vs The Wolfman
by Blake A. Hoena

I have to admit this book cracked me up. Eek & Ack travel to earth in their spaceship - that really looks like a washing machine - to discover why it is so hard to conquer. Their disguises are hilarious - one wearing a tutu and the other in a hooded robe of sorts. They end up traveling to earth on Halloween and meet up with a wolfboy. Let's just say, they're not staying long on this Earth.

This graphic novel is comical and fantastical, elements that I both enjoy. These books will be great for kids who like something a bit more funny. And this is another great book for librarians and teachers - including a glossary, a section talking a bit more about werewolves, discussion questions and writing prompts. Probably a book I'll be purchasing for my school library.

Recommended for 2nd grade and up.

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