Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monster in the Outfield (Graphic Novel)

Monster in the Outfield
by Robert Marsh

Gabby's pet monster Dwight really loves baseball, so when the annual Teachers vs. Students game comes around, he's excited to play. Which is great, because this year the Teachers have recruited some serious beefed up superstars. Lucky for the students to have a monster on the team, but at first it seems like he has no clue on how to play the game. Will Gabby and Dwight help the students defeat the teachers, or will they only make their team worse?

This graphic novel mixes reality with fantasy. Obviously, monsters do not exist in the real world, but it's fun for kids to see what it could be like if you had a pet monster that went to school with you. The graphics are great and the reading level is great for struggling readers. For kids there is a glossary of words in the graphic novel they may not know the meaning too. Also, there's also instructions of how students can draw their very own monster. For teacher and librarians, there is a great set of discussion questions and writing prompts that can be used with the book. Definitely another great graphic novel for kids.

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See my review of the first graphic novel in this series - Monster and Me.

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