Monday, January 4, 2010

Promoting a blog! (Extra entries for 600 followers contest)

Okay guys. I don't normally do this anymore... BUT.. my friend Alethea over at Read Now Sleep Later has left the evilness that is WORDPRESS and come over to the darkside mauahaha - Blogger. I know, I said evilness and darkness... but you understand right?

Therefore, to get her some new BLOGGER followers, she's throwing this great CONTEST. First ten people to get 10 OTHER people to follow her and email her with that person's email address.. will win a book. (She has now informed me that I may be able to get another prize if I get her 10 more followers.. so I'm biting!)

So, I'm turning to bribery. . .

You know that little contest I'm holding... called the 600 followers contest? I will give you 10 extra entries if you are one of the first THIRTEEN people emailing her (7 people have before I made this post) and then commenting back here. (So I suggest you comment first and then follow and email my friend).

Also, if you let me know that you emailed her for me before I posted this, you will also get 10 extra entries.

Go over to her blog and then follow her instructions copied below. My email address is dragonzgoil at gmail dot com. So, tweet, email, or comment on her blog that I sent you over!

- S/he must hit the Follow button on the right sidebar and sign in with Google Friend Connect
- S/he must email me at frootjoos at gmail and say that [your name here] invited me! They need to tell me your name and email (so just in case we get more than 1 person with the same name, I won't mix up your entries). - or - they can tweet me (@frootjoos ) - or - they can comment below. (They could try smoke signals, too, but I can't guarantee you I'll see/understand them, so better just email/tweet/or comment.)

Okay... GO!

And, really thank you and Alethea is awesome so you should follow her anyway...

Not convinced? I spotlighted her in November.. so learn more about her here.


  1. I don't get extra entries for being the first person to enter you into Alethea's contest??

    lol jk hope you get it!

  2. Well... yes, if you comment here saying you already did it.. I will trust you and give you 10 points. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I did it! - Tweeted at you and her so she counts another entry for you. :)

  5. Follow and commented her, but I'm past the first 3 so, yeah. =)

  6. I already won, but hope you do too!

  7. Alright, I am going to do it now!

  8. Following her now. I don't know whether I am still one of the 13, but I will let her know you sent me. :)

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