Friday, January 22, 2010

Recommend Me (1)

Kate at The Neverending Shelf is hosting this new and fun weekly meme where you recommend a book, old or new, that you really enjoyed.

My first pick (or push) is as follows:

Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jackie" Faber, Ship's Boy

by L.A. Meyer
Summary (from
Life as a ship's boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come true for Jacky Faber. Gone are the days of scavenging for food and fighting for survival on the streets of eighteenth-century London. Instead, Jacky is becoming a skilled and respected sailor as the crew pursues pirates on the high seas. There's only one problem: Jacky is a girl. And she must use every bit of her spirit, wit, and courage to keep the crew from discovering her secret.

My goodreads review (from September, 2007):
I loved this book. There's some romance, a lot of cussin' and some action too! I just loved it and can't wait to start on the next one in the series. I enjoyed how it was written in a way that showed her accent and progressed as she started to talk more properly. A must read for adventure and pirate lovers.

Recent thoughts (aka. why you need to read this!): I have read all but the latest in this series and lately I've been having an ache to finally get around to reading the last one. And why is that? I need some serious adventure, wittiness, and a bit of romance in my read. These books deliver all of that and more. This series mixes some historical events with the insanely adventurous life of Mary "Jackie" Faber - an orphan who goes from being homeless to pretending to be a boy on a ship for the British army and then later on in the books revealing herself for who she is and gaining her own reputation as quite the swashbuckling criminal.

If you are in desperate need of some high-seas, historical, or simply witty and whimsical adventure.. this is your book. You will NOT regret reading this series.. well you might.. because you'll probably be dying for the next book.. and then the next.. and the next..

Read. This. Book.

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When you read this fantastic book....

You can use it towards the HMS Challenger and/or join in on Literary League Book Club's March discussion of this wonderful book.

So, go to your local library, bookstore, or e-book store - and READ THIS BOOK! :)


  1. haha.....weekly meme. Is this book is classical, Kristen??

  2. Great push. I will definitely be reading this series some time in the near future.

  3. I so want to read this one! But I have sooooooooooooo many other books to read! :( I will get to it though!

  4. You've just made me think of a book I used to love. It is about a girl that left a luxurious life behind her and sailed around the globe with a bunch of friends pretending to be a boy. Unfortunately, it is an old Polish book so recommending it to you doesn't really make sense.

  5. Sorry for posting the same comment twice. Could you delete the second one? I'm new to the blogosphere and I just thought that the first one hadn't been sent.

  6. I love this series! Just finishing listening (which is fabulous) to Blue Tattoo and will follow it with Jolly Roger.

  7. I love this series. Can't wait for the Wake of the Lorelei Lee! Team Jared! lol

  8. I've heard good feedback on this one. I think I should definitely try it some time, right after my tbr pile shrinks a little!

  9. So, funny thing, I have books 2, 4, 5, and 6 in this series, but not 1, 3, 7, and the latest one. I need to get 1 and 3 so I can start reading it!


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