Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year In Review

I started my blog on June 9, 2009. My first post was a review of Need by Carrie Jones.

Some of my firsts:

Cool events I attended this year:
I went to ALA this past summer, had a ton of fun and met some cool bloggers! Got over 100 books too. I had to icy hot my shoulders on the second night from lugging bags of books around all day.
Book signings I went to this year:

Month in Review posts - links to books are included in each one
June in Review (32 books read, 49 blog posts)
July in Review (14 books read, 52 blog posts)
August in Review (16 books read, 81 blog posts)
September in Review (9 books read, 66 blog posts)
October in Review (14 books read, 52 blog posts)
November in Review (20 books read, 59 blog posts)
December in Review (22 books read, 103 blog posts)

Events I hosted/came up with:

Fun things I did this year on the blog:
Random yet important stuff:
Awards won:

600 followers by mid-December.

Summing up 2009:

Blogger Spotlights of 2009:
A Bookful of Thoughts
A Passion for Books
A Reader's Adventure
All Things Urban Fantasy
An Addicted Book Reader
And Anything Bookish
Between the Lines
Book Chick City
Book Dragon's Lair
Cover to Cover
Fantasys Ink
Feed Your Imagination
Good Books and Good Wine
Hey! Teenager of the Year
Melanie's Musings
Miss Danaidae
Mrs. Magoo Reads
My Tea Time is Book Time
Park-Avenue Princess
Pirate Penguin's Reads
Read Now, Sleep Later
Reading in Color
Red House Books
Running for Fiction
Steph the Bookworm
Strange & Random Happenstance
Tales of Whimsy
That Chick that Reads
That's a Novel Idea
The Book Scout
The Bookologist
The Hiding Spot
Too Many Book, Too Little Time
The Undercover Book Lover
Twin Pigeon
Two and a Half Book Lovers
Tynga's Urban Fantasy Reviews
Wicked Good Books
YA Book Queen

Only Fail:
I tried out a monthly feature called La Creme de la Creme and failed to keep it up. Is this something you guys would like to see in the future?


  1. WOW Kristen! Awesome accomplishments! Your blog is truly wonderful - it really shows how much time and love you put into it.
    You have done a ton so far and I'm looking forward to more and more! :)
    WOO HOO!!!

  2. It's been amazing, Kristen, to see you grow. I'm going to stick around for this year, and hopefully for the next. Your blog=inspiring, wonderful. So many things, but all great.


  3. I was the first Sunday spotlight!! Congrats on the huge success of your blog... and I have you to think for the beginning of my blog's growth as well, due to the spotlight! :D Love ya!

  4. I am a newer to our blog but I look forward to a new year with your reviews

  5. Wow, you had a really great year! Fantastic job and keep up the good work.

  6. I can't believe your blog is not even a year old! Wow! You are totally amazing!


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