Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wrapping Up the New Year Readathon!

The clock is ticking away towards the end of the New Year Read-a-thon! Keep reading until 5 pm your time if you can! I hope you guys had a chance to read for as long or as little as you wanted.

(Updated slightly since originally posted)

I have approximately 12 hours. Here's how it breaks down...

New Years Eve:
2 hours - broken up between a graphic novel based on the show 24 and City of Fire by Laurence Yep.
New Years Day:
3 hours - mainly listened to Going Bovine on audio while doing housework
Jan. 2nd:
4 hours - read a ton of graphic novels and kids novels (about 10ish... which I will scatter reviews for over the next week) and FINALLY finished City of Fire by Laurence Yep
Here's the list of kids books and graphic novels:
Princess Candy: Sugar Hero by Michael Dahl
Princess Candy: The Marshmallow Mermaid by Michael Dahl
Monster in the Outfield by Robert Marsh
Mr. Wolf Bounces Back by Tony Bradman
Jack and the Bean Snacks by Tony Bradman
Goldilocks and the Just Right Club by Tony Bradman
Rapunzel Lets Her Hair Down by Tony Bradman
The Frog Prince Hops to It by Tony Bradman
The Teacher Who Forgot Too Much by Steve Brezenoff
The Village that Almost Vanished by Steve Brezenoff
Constance and the Great Escape by Pierre Le Gall
Adventures in Cartooning by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost
Joey Fly Private Eye in Creepy Crawly Crime by Aaron Reynolds
Cat Burglar Black by Richard Sala

Jan. 3rd:
3 hours - I finished reading Lost Worlds by John Howe and finished 2 and a half a discs of Going Bovine. (I'm now on disc 7 out of 12)

I liked the no-stress zone of this read-a-thon - although I do feel, as the host, I should have read more up until now.

So, now it's your turn.. what were your thoughts, what did you read, and how much fun did you have? Or like me, do you feel like you utterly failed to read as much as you wanted? Which is a-okay.

Post about this, or update an update post if you were keeping track that way... and post the direct link in the Mr. Linky below.

I'll be selecting a random winner (or two) to win two books from this list.


  1. Hey you did good - I think 10 hours of reading in 3 days is pretty darn good! :) I mean heck you gotta sleep, spend time with the hubby and visit - it was New Years! :) Chin up missy! :)

    How was Going Bovine? What about Lost Worlds? I cant wait to hear your thoughts!

  2. aww that was good Kristen! I didn't make my 24 hour goal either but still think I made out pretty well! Thanks for hosting this! It was fun and helped me knock down my TBR list a bit! :)

  3. I didn't actually officially participate but I think I actually ended up getting about 7 or so hours of reading in which was more than I figured. Great job on both your hours as well as hosting this.

  4. Thank you for hosting this, as my post explains, I was quite ill during some of this challenge and yet fond a novel to help bolster my spirits!

  5. I "signed up" and posted my wrap-up at the same time, but it's the reading that counts -- not the promptness -- right? I love reading anytime/ all the time, but it was fun reading the last few days knowing that other people were out there doing the same thing with the same purpose. Happy New Year's Reading!


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