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Sunday Spotlight - Book Crazy + Giveaway

Today I have with me a blogger who is a bit more courageous than some of us! Jenn is an awesome blogger and for this spotlight agreed to think out of the box and do more of a guest post type spotlight. Jenn's story is very inspiring and I hope you all enjoy it! (Also, there's a giveaway at the end *points down* Now read!)

Name: Jennifer - Jenn for short.

Nickname and/or blog name: Book Crazy

Blog URL:

Who has time to read? Right? That's what I used to think....

Between, life, the kids, my photography, email's, facebook - who could possibly read....

Reading has NOT been something in my life I have loved...Not at all, as a child and young adult I struggled with reading...anything really, especially those "icky" books they make you read in school - I am not proud to say now, but Cliff Notes is how I lived, how I survived (if only barely).

A teacher, very near to my heart had watched a mini series, The Stand – I, being that we were friends, asked if I could borrow it...she allowed me to. One weekend was FILLED with nothing but watching back to back to back...

I knew from there that I had to pick up the book, and so I did...I devoured it, being 1000+ pages did not scare me...I loved it, and often found myself reading, instead of the dreaded history assignment or working on the English paper that needed to be done. This was my one brush with book love, when I was a teen...the one and only.

I was sure that there could be NO other book that could possible be THIS good...not after all the REALLY bad one's I was made to read in school, besides TV, and other such things were “filling” to me, why bother reading – it's just a hassle! Or so I thought...

That was until, for some reason I decided that I wanted to read Twilight, another book? HMM I thought, no way this can measure up... But to me, Twilight was like a drug – similar to my experience with The Stand...another amazing read another really awesome book out there in the world, a book I devoured, stayed up at night reading...A book that transported me to another place, time, dimension. I read the whole series the first time in a little over 4 days.

From there, I was hooked, though thinking (again) there could NEVER been another book out there as good...I felt the need to try, it was a “need” (much like a drug addict must feel, maybe?). So in search I went – amazon was my first stop – they have a discussion forum and I asked, If I loved Twilight, what's next?

The discussion went on and on, people raving about so many different books, I headed to the book store...

My decision to pick up YA Fiction, was well in all honesty, because the adult books, scared me. I can not be called someone with a large vocabulary – so they intimidated me, still do actually. Not to mention Twilight was a YA Novel, and I loved I figured why not start there?

Don't get me wrong – standing in the YA section of the book store defiantly feels weird, I have been there several times with teens looking at me like I am a complete nut – though it helps when Aubrey heads there with me. I try not to care...I mean, they are what I enjoy most (at least right now).

Anyway...on to the reason for this...My lack of making time – Everyone has a life, everyone is busy, lots of people out there are JUST like me (or how I used to be), turning to the TV to give them a break from reality – Last year, I sat mindlessly watching HOURS upon HOURS of TV...this year...I can list maybe 2-3 shows total that I watch, with out fail (Dexter, Vampire Diaries, and Three Rivers) – the rest of my free time is spent cuddled up with an amazing book. Though I am picky, and have been known to not finish a book...I guess we are all like that, I feel my reading time is to precious to spend on something...I don't like!

I even have a group of bloggers that I “look up to” for great finds, and amazing reviews – so now, instead of mindlessly looking though books at the book store I find that I often know of at least 1 or 2 titles that I am there to get...don't get me wrong – I do mindlessly search – the book store has become my “home away from home” the place I feel most comfy, besides my house – but I at least know the titles and authors a bit better now...

I even started a blog, not because I wanted the latest greatest ARC out there, or the most coveted book that EVERYONE can't wait to read – but because, I want to remember what I am reading – I want to share my thoughts and opinions with other's who might be looking for that “just perfect” book. Would I like an ARC of say Linger, or 13 To Life – sure, but that's not what brought me to blogging, I do it for myself – and I do it for my daughter. Several of the books I have read she has too, several of the books on the shelves she picks up before me. It's an awesome thing that we can do together – and it's neat to see what she thinks of a book, as compared to what I do, I hope it's something we continue to do together.

It also amazes me that she will NOT have to go though what I did, she knows that, though imagination all things are possible, and the next “best book EVER” might be the one she's just picking up to read. She also knows that, even if she does not particularly love a book, that there are MANY MANY more out there...just waiting for her to discover them...something it took me, I am sad to say – 30 something years to figure out!

So the next time you think you don't have time, decide if it's important to you, I know life is hard – I am a single mom with 2 kids and a photography business – but if I can make time, so can's worth it don't you think?

Thank you Jenn for that awesome story about how you became a blogger and why you love it so much.

Jenn is holding a contest on her blog for a signed ARC of The River AND...

Jenn has graciously sent me a book to giveaway with this post.

I'm opening this up internationally (must be the holidays getting to me!).

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong is the prize!

I'm going to make this easy... Fill out the FORM! :-D

Oh, open to well... anyone. Why the heck not. Oh, one stipulation, you have to become a follower of Jenn's okay? I don't normally do this, but this is a contest to promote HER blog. You don't even have to follow me.. just follow her, okay?

Contest ends Saturday, January 16th, 2009 - 11:59 CST.


  1. I'm entering the contest. Just to let you know, though, that I filled out the form then it disappeared on me (probably my spastic hand on the mouse). So I filled it out again. Just in case you get two forms from me - I'm not trying to cheat, really.

    Anyway when I read the part in Jenn's blog about why she doesn't read adult books, it made me feel sad. There are some adult books that feel as if a professor is trying to show off his vocabulary, but really - especially if you like urban fantasy type book, don't let the adult thing intimidate you. Unless you get tired of reading about sex (urban fantasy doesn't usually have too much, but watch out for the romance section, or the paranormal books - WOW!) There's a lot of great books that don't have the over-the-top vocabulary and Jenn, you might be missing out on some great stories.

    Of course, I've just recently started reading a few Young Adult myself (I'm 49) and other than feeling miles/years away from the character, I'm enjoying some of these stories. Imagine how I look in the Young Adult section, with my almost all silver hair, tired face and droopy body? I move my head to look this way or that and can hear my bones creak! I wonder if anyone in the aisle can hear! I figure it's no ones business what section I'm shopping in - besides- what if I'm shopping for a school or teen relatives?

    Glad you're reading - it is a great escape!

  2. Mardel -
    Well, I say I dont - I do read adult books, occasionally - I have read and loved several - The Stand by Steven King is just one, Crossing The Bridge is one I just read another adult book, and Fade To Black by a debut author I also really enjoyed...I DO sometimes read adult novels (these are just a few) but I have found that I really love this "YA Fiction Thing" so for the most part I stick to it, though I do venture - I just picked up the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and I am very much looking forward to reading them as well! :)

    Sorry if I implied I never ever venture over, just stick mostly to YA.

    And Kristen, thanks - though wow is that weird! :)

  3. what a great reading :)

  4. I love Jenn's story. I had never found her blog before so I instantly followed it and twitter as well. It'll be fun to see what she has to say. Thanks for spotlighting!!

  5. Awesome post by Jen! The Stand is quite fantastic, I hope she continues her journey reading and finds many more precious books to enjoy :-)

  6. I wanted to let you know, Kristen, that I'm very happy to see this post about Jenn. She seems really wonderful from the brief interactions I've had online with her. I never would have guessed Jenn was a reluctant reader!

    Jenn, having been a teacher, I understand how difficult some books (and people) can make developing a love of reading--but I'm so glad you didn't let that stop you. I'm also thrilled to see you mention wanting an ARC of my debut 13 to Life! *blush* Thanks again for sharing your story--I hope it inspires others to give reading another chance.


  7. i love this post :D Jen its so interesting how you started to read more :) and why. Its important to have something fun to do with your daughter :D my parents always supported reading but my mom and i have a completely different genre that we like :P lol

    Im so glad you love reading now otherwise i wouldn't have met u and i love talking to you on twitter :)

  8. Great guest post, and I love the spotlight, Kristen! I already follow and love Jenn over at Book Crazy, and I loved reading about how Jenn discovered YA books. 100% on the NEED Linger and 13 To Life like right NOW, lol. :)

  9. I'm entering the contest ! thanks for making this internationally !

  10. i enjoyed reading your blog. i too find it hard to set aside a time to read but i love it so i fit it in where ever i can. i am a mother of 3 boys, work full-time and go to school full-time so i know what you mean...there just aren't enough hours in the day. sometimes, if i find a good book i will stay awake until 2 or 3 in the morning reading it because that's the only free time i've got. (well, not really free time, sleep time.)

  11. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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