Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Kate over at The Neverending Shelf does these consistently and she suggested I try them for my last few graphic novels read.

Review in 75 Words or Less: The Incredible Rockhead is a humorous play off of traditional nerd boys turning into superheroes. Instead of becoming super strong, be able to fly, and do other cool things, Chip's head turns into a rock. In this adventure, he is at the zoo when some animals get out of their cages. He is able to knock the animals out with his head and save the popular girls.

Final Verdict: Definitely a fun adventure for those students that can relate to being the odd man out, or just a bit nerdier than everyone else. Still has that comic book hero side to it, while combining more elements of life as we know it. I'd say kids aged 8-12 would get a kick out of this one.

The Storm in the Barn

by Matt Phelan

Review in 75 Words or Less: Filled with gorgeous pencil drawings, this graphic novel transports you into the past during the Dust Bowl and adds fantasy elements that I would not have foreseen being in this book. I absolutely fell in love with the story and the imagination of the young boy in it.

Final Verdict: A gorgeous book and one that I would gladly buy just because the artwork is so fantastic. Also, a great graphic novel to use when learning about the Dust Bowl and just how horrible it really was. Probably more geared towards upper elementary and middle school students.

Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood

by Tony Lee

Review in 75 Words or Less: A fantastic rendition of the tale of Robin Hood, this graphic novel is filled with beautiful full color graphics and a style that is quite breath-taking. I like the small differences between the other tales told of Robin of the Hood and that it was long enough to really involve you in the story.

Final Verdict: Absolutely gorgeous graphic novel and one I may purchase for my own collection. If you love tales of adventure and love, this is the graphic novel for you. Definitely geared more towards middle grades and high school students.

Review in 75 Words or Less: This graphic novel takes you into the past, showing you different events during the Cold War and the race between Russia and America to send someone to the moon. It goes back and forth between Russian and American scientists and how they came up with the different types of rockets and satellites that would travel up into space.

Final Verdict: Possibly the most boring graphic novel I have ever read. Of course, I'm not a science junkie, so that may be part of it. Contains a ton of great information about the Space Race and puts the reader in the perspective of the people involved with creating the first rockets and satellites. I'd say upper middle school and high school students would be capable of reading this one.

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