Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Heart is not a Size

The Heart is not a Size
by Beth Kephart

Summary (from Goodreads):

Georgia knows what it means to keep secrets. She knows how to ignore things. She knows that some things are better left unsaid. . . . Or are they?

When Georgia and her best friend, Riley, travel along with nine other suburban Pennsylvania kids to Anapra, a squatters' village in the heat-flattened border city of Juarez, Mexico, secrets seem to percolate and threaten both a friendship and a life. Certainties unravel. Reality changes. And Georgia is left to figure out who she is outside the world she's always known.


Beth Kephart has once again created a novel that moves you. This book held a special place in my heart because of all the trips I took in high school to places that needed help - Vancouver, Minnesota, West Virginia, and more. Georgia takes a similar journey to Mexico to help her overcome her panic attacks. While there, she finds out she is not the only one with a secret. Her best friend has a weighty secret that Georgia can't seem to get her to talk about. Will Mexico make a difference or will it drive a stake between the two girls.

I loved the voice of this book. Georgia is a girl that wants so much to be perfect that she literally makes herself sick over it. Something a lot of kids and teens can relate to. And they way that Georgia decides she's going to solve her problem is so very much ingrained into her personality. She needs to get out, she needs to help someone else.

The situation in Mexico is really very sad and even though nothing dramatic happens in that aspect while they are there, just seeing the loss through the eyes of others is so moving. This truly is a book that will make you realize how much we take advantage of our good lives and how much more we could help.

5/5 Roses

I received this book via the Traveling ARC Tours.

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  1. Great Review - I am adding this to my TBR pile!
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  2. Goodness. I just learned of this review from WordLily, and I want to thank you so much for it. It means the world to me.

  3. Terrific review. Beth is a wonderful author who really does know how to capture and share the voice of a character. Thank you!

  4. Great review, I loved this book as well. ;)

  5. This sounds like a truly amazing read. I love Beth's books and really want to read this one. Great review.


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