Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dewey's Readathon Hour 19 - Go Indie!

First of all, how am I still awake?

A cold/hot shower (no not on purpose...), some serious coffee and lots of stretching and moving around.

Alright, this hour's activity is brought to you by Kiki's Bookcation.

Kiki wants us to share a bit about an Indie bookstore we love.

Mine is so obvious - Anderson's Bookshop. Probably the BIGGEST Indie bookstore in Illinois and has so many fantastic authors visiting all the time. They have two locations that I've been to and I've also been to their warehouse for some really cool prepublication events - such as Holly Black, Kat Falls, and coming up - Robin Benway.

I cannot love this bookstore more. I get to see authors like Scott Westerfeld, DJ Hale, Shannon Hale, Tom Green, David Leviathan and a TON MORE! All because Andersons Bookshop rocks. It seriously does. :-D

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