Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Pepper Ink

Today I have a fantastic new blog for you guys to check out. It's run by two high school students and I simply love their reviews. Learn more about their blog below!

Beryl & Aithen
Nickname and/or blog name: Pepper Ink
Blog URL:

Tell me a bit about yourself.
We're two high school students and bookworms that go rampage on libraries in search of our next victim and hyperventilate when near a bookstore. Books are our sugar candies, and we often find ourselves overloaded with too many to read (eat) at the same time. (Which results of us going hyper) We're fast and passionate readers, though, and we devour everything down in a matter of days. We enjoy siting down to discuss about our latest read afterward. We also challenge each other to find new and original books followed by a long and critical discussion to see who got her hands on the best story. Then we exchange. :)

When and why did you start your blog?
It was Beryl's idea to start a book reviewing blog, and Aithen immediately jumped in. It's purpose is really just for us to keep track of what we read, and so we can reflect on it and continue constructing our opinions by writing them down and developing our criticism. We then realized that we also wanted to share our opinions with others and guide readers through honest and accurate reviews.

We started blogging in mid-January, and we hope to keep it up for a long time. We update regularly, multiple times each week if possible.

What is your blog all about? Any cool features you want to share?
Sadly, we do not host any contests or redbull parties. Our blog is relatively new - maybe one day, when we have time and know how, we'll start events such as contests and interviews with authors. For now, our blog's main purpose is reviewing books.

What are some of your favorite genres and/or books currently?
We are as similar as we are different. Beryl is mostly attracted to fantasy, drama, action and romance. You might see her re-reading for the gazillionth time The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray that she is absolutely fan of, or perhaps some Westerfeld or Erin Hunter. She also loves mystery and scientific books in the genre of The Judas Strain by James Rollins or the Rule of Four by Caldwell and Thomason.

Aithen, on the other hand, is a science-fiction fan. One of her favorite books is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and so she looks about for zombie-ish and apocalyptic books and anything that can be described as bizarre (If there's anyone ready for the zombie apocalypse, it's her). She's a Westerfeld fan too, though, and she never refuses a good fantasy book or anything that tastes steampunk.

How do you find out about the books you read?
We usually pick up books at random in the library, or those that seem the most appealing by resume and cover. We hang around other book blogs in search of books we might be interested in reading, or official sites such as Goodreads or YAreads.

Any tips or advice for those starting or thinking about starting a blog?
Blog for fun. Enjoy your love for books, and don't turn it into a duty, and most of all, don't be shy to share your passion with others.

Thank you Beryl and Aithen for stopping by and sharing more about your blog! I really am loving their blog so far! They've got a ton of great reviews up for books I've read or heard of and I absolutely love the honesty they put into them. Make sure to stop by and leave them a comment!

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  1. Oh my, thanks so much for the spotlight. We both greatly appreciate it and we're glad to see you love our reviews. Thanks a lot again. :)

    -The PI Crew

  2. Good luck with your blog guys! I'll have to take a peek.

  3. Welcome to the blogging scene Beryl (Name reminds me of Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon XD) and Aithen; we are happy to have you! Any fan of Westerfeld is a friend of mine. lol. Loved getting to know you two and I will be going over to your blog after I'm through with this comment.

    Once again, welcome and if you ever have any questions or just want another blogger to talk to about books, let me know. :D

    ~Briana aka The Book Pixie


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