Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Secret of the Dread Forest

Author: Gillian Summers
Publication Date: June 2009
Genre: YA Fantasy
Copy provided by: Library
Other books in the series: The Tree Shepherd's Daughter and Into the Wildewood
Summary (via Goodreads):

Now that she has (sort of) defeated a diabolical elf, Keelie Heartwood reluctantly joins her father in the Dread Forest. Her "real" friends are gone, her dad is preoccupied with his new responsibilities as Lord of the Forest and now it seems that her budding romance with the hunky Sean is dashed. Except for her impossible guardian cat Knot, and Alora, a demanding and bratty little princess tree, Keelie has no one to hang with—unless you count that nasty elf-girl Elia, who suddenly wants to be Keelie's frenemy.

Meanwhile, an age-old rift in Keelie's family and among the elves reaches a dangerous climax as humans and dark magical forces alike encroach on the elves' enchanted realm. The fate of the Dread Forest—and of all who dwell within it—lies in Keelie's hands.

Why I read this: I loved the first two books in this trilogy, so I had to read this one.

Plot: The last book of the trilogy, The Secret of Dread Forest does not disappoint. Keelie now has to face her formidable grandmother, who loathes her deceased mother as well as seems to dislike her because she is only half elf. Not only does she have to face her grandmother, but a vampire. Vampires are different in this world - they are fey that no longer are true to their nature. Also, the Dread that keeps humans out of the forest is in danger, and, in turn, so are the fey that live there.

Characters: I really love Keelie. She's definitely outspoken and, at times, speaks before thinking. She has to adjust to more changes, but puts up with the situation the best she can. She holds grudges, loves easily, and sometimes trusts too easily. I like that she is not perfect, but hardheaded enough to help even when told not to.

Relatability: Anyone who has dealt with loss/love/or adjusting to a new home can relate to this series.

Cover Commentary: I like it - the covers in the series follow the theme of the book nicely.

Rating: 5/5 Roses

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  1. Looks like an intersting book! Thanks for the review. :)

  2. The vampire aspect has me intrigued, I think I really need to check this series out.

  3. Great review! I don't think I've heard about this series, but it sounds like both the characters and the plot are really unique.

  4. Sounds cool, I have not read this series but I need to.

  5. Awesome review! I'm going to have to read this now. I LOVE the cover art. So cool. :)

  6. The cover is absolutely adorable.

  7. great review but I have to be honest the cover kind of creeps me out

  8. Great review. Its a new to me author but sounds worth checking out.

  9. Love the cover it really draws you in. If the 3rd is this good I'll have to read the first.

    Thanks for the review.


  10. I'm in the mood for a good fantasy. I might look for this series.

  11. Wow. I'm surprised, but I haven't even heard of this series! I'm off to Goodreads to add them to my TBR list. They look great. So glad you enjoyed them! :)

  12. Awesome review!This is another vamp i cant resist!


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