Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge Activity #4 - Scavenger Hunt

Summer Break Reading Challenge

So today's activity is a Scavenger Hunt. I had to find the following book/blog related things:

1. A blog that is new to you that focuses on the same type of literature you do.
Well, I found a great blogger who started commenting recklessly (like 20 comments) yesterday and I had never been on her blog before, which reviews YA. So Kiss My Book is the blog that is new to me. I'm now a follower!

2. A book that is new to you that another blogger reviewed.
Freefall by Mindi Scott - The Hiding Spot

3. A book set in Africa (in your preferred age category, if possible).
Listening for Lions by Megan Turner Whelan

4. A book about a human/animal bond (in your preferred age category, if possible).
Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac

5. A book trailer for a book you want to read.

6. A book with a color in the title (in your preferred age category, if possible).
White Cat by Holly Black

7. A blog that is new to you that is dedicated to a certain genre:
Brooke Reviews (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy)

8. A book blog maintained by a librarian.
Mean Old Library Teacher

9. A book blog maintained by a teacher.
Coffee for the Brain

10. The title of an upcoming book by an author you like (provide details - title, release date, synopsis).
The Painted Boy by Charles De Lint


  1. Thanks for following! I appreciate it.

  2. I love your site and find alot of what I want to read next from your reviews. Thanks for that and your great contests!


  3. I am so glad I stopped by here or I never would have found about about the Prophecy of the Sisters books - the trailer looks very very interesting. Great blog!

  4. I want to read The Painted Boy as well. And, I chose you for my librarian blogger for this challenge. Of course you're onw of the first to come into my head!

  5. Thanks for introducing us to the new blog you found.

  6. That looks so fun. Awesome finds!

  7. Good luck! And great list of books!

  8. Some new bloggers I have not checked out thanks.

  9. Thanks for the links...Mean Old Library Teacher is a hoot!


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