Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Spotlight - Laina Has Too Much Spare Time

Today I have a blogger who has been blogging for a while, but will definitely admit she still feels new at a lot of this (as most of us do - especially me!). Check out Laina below!

Name: Laina
Nickname and/or blog name: Laina Has Too Much Spare Time
Blog URL:

Tell me a bit about yourself.
I'm seventeen. I'm from Canada. I suck at writing about myself. I'm kinda normal, kinda not. I work at my library hosting Storytime for around 3 year old kids to around 5 year old kids, I tweet ALL the time, I have blue and purple streaks in my hair right now but my hair is ever-changing, and I wish this was so disjointed and weird! Let's move on!

When and why did you start your blog?
I started my blog on October 4th, 2008 (I checked, I didn't know that off by heart, haha) because a friend of mine suggested and at the time, honestly there wasn't a whole lot going on in my life, so I decided to go for it, and I fell in love with it.

What is your blog all about? Any cool features you want to share?
My blog is mainly a YA book blog with some other stuff that I'm interested in. I participate in Waiting on Wednesday every week and In My Mailbox when I have the books. I started a feature called "Fun Friday" where I post a youtube video with a song that I like or want to talk about every week, I'm experimenting with something called "Storytime Spotlight" that'll be about picture books, and I'm hoping to start another feature called "Makeup Tip of the Week".

What are some of your favorite genres and/or books currently?
I read a little of just about everything from picture books (lots of those for work) to romance novels to almost YA to mystery novels. I especially love mysteries and paranormal stuff.

How do you find out about the books you read?
Everywhere. I read tons and tons and tons of blogs and get a lot of recommendations from them.

Any tips or advice for those starting or thinking about starting a blog?
Ah. You're asking me? I still feel like a newbie trying to figure out what I'm doing sometimes.

Ummm. Update at least once week so people know you're alive and don't get disinterested in your blog, whether it's a weekly meme you participate in or a review or whatever. Don't get discouraged if it takes a while to get the hang of things. You won't get 500 followers overnight, for example. Learn who you are and don't try to copy anyone. Just be yourself.

And read The Story Siren's blog advice posts, they're freaking awesome. :)

Thank you Laina for stopping by! Her blog is a lot of fun so I hope you guys get a chance to check it out!

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  1. Cool interview :) Definitely agree about the Story Siren's helpful posts!

  2. I'm agreed with Laina. read other blogs give advantages about new books. before, i just read what i can get, now i want to read what people read and think of it. ;p

  3. Another wonderful librarian. Cool. I will be checking her blog out for sure. Thanks

  4. Great interview. I have just checked out Laina's blog and it is really awesome!

  5. I'm already a follower of hers and yay for a fellow canadian.

  6. ANOTHER Canadian teen! That is so cool that you work at the library. Awesome interview.

  7. What a great interview. I love to get to know other bloggers better. I love the blog!

  8. Loved the interview. I checked out the blog and it's really good. She has some great books on there. :)

  9. Great interview. The flower is beautiful in the pic.

  10. "Don't get disinterested in your blog" I got disinterested twice I think. and went on hiatus for very long.


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