Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Readathon Wrap up

I would've posted my wrap-up yesterday but it was kinda hectic. My mom and little sis came over to help me set up my library a little bit in the morning, and then we had a wedding in the afternoon and when I finally got home the hubby and I were chatting until 2 am. So, woke up this morning and went and got a new haircut.. anyways... rambling now.

So, I didn't do so great at the read-a-thon. :(

I spent an hour finishing up my library book - Knightley Academy.
I had a lunch date with some of the girls in my family - grandma, aunt, sister, and niece.
Then, I read about half of Manifest.

I finished reading Manifest by Artist Arthur and read about 200 pages of Pegasus by Robin McKinley.
Also spent some time with Chris' parents and sister for dinner.

Read a bit more of Pegasus (just a few pages).
Took a break and read Mackenzie Blue in its entirety.
Then I read about 50 pages of Peter & Max by Bill Willingham.

So really.. 2 books read completely, and then about 275 pages of two other books. Not so great - but I had a bit of family stuff going on.

Not horrible, but not great.


  1. That's not bad at all. I hope you enjoyed the books you did read. :)

  2. I think you should be proud of yourself! 2 books is better than 0 books!

  3. A busy weekend and lots of reading! Great job :D

  4. I think you got a lot accomplished considering you had such a busy weekend! Good work!

  5. Sounds like a good weekend to me.


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