Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readathon! Better Late Than Never

So, here I am... finally home and with my bag full of books for the readathon. I had a lovely time with family and am ready to do some challenges and read! This time around, I'm just going to update this post I think... Maybe.. we'll see.

So far I have read: 20 minutes (on the carride).

I finished the last 30 pages of Rampant by Diana Peterfreund.


Fizzy Thoughts is the head cheerleader and has challenged us to write a cheer that is book related. So, here goes:

Dewey's Readathon is the best.
If you've been reading take a rest.
One two three four,
books and books and books galore.

Lynne's Book Reviews challenged us to post a picture of our pet and talk about our favorite animal book and come up with a sentence with the character's name or animal type.

Sadly, I do not nor ever had a pet. :(

So, here's my favorite animal book:

Owly only once overestimated owls.

And that is it for me.

I'm going to be reading hopefully a lot of books if i can stay up late... we'll see!

I'm mainly working off of the Bluestem Readers' Choice Award list as I'm doing a book talk on them next week.


  1. Happy reading :) I hope you'll read a lot!

  2. Enjoy your evening of reading! And I love the cheer.

  3. Hi Kristen. I hope that you will enjoy the Readathon. As for me, I'm not participating.

    My latest review is on The Sirens of Baghdad.. a story about how war really affect people who directly involved in it.Feel free to head over my blog to read the review.


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