Friday, October 8, 2010

Follow Me Friday and Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop

So, I've decided to make some new friends and what better way then participating in two fun memes! :-D Today's question for the Book Blogger Hop is:

What's your favorite beverage while reading or blogging, if any? Is it tea, coffee, water, a glass of wine, or something else?

I'm a huge fan of warm drinks... so I go for tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and hot chai tea latte when I'm blogging or reading. I'm sort of a moody drinker. My favorite teas are chai with honey and then just a regular black tea with milk and sugar. I'm out of chai tea latte and need to reorder from David Rio - love their tiger spice chai!

Here's another fun one hosted by Parajunkee. She features a blog each week and they ask a question and we jump on the following bandwagon. Question this week is:

How many reviews do you like to do a week?

Optimistically at least 5... but lately I'm lucky to get 2 up in a week. I like to do one a day if possible on weekdays and weekends I generally don't post any up.


  1. Happy Friday! I'm already a follower but wanted to pop in and say hello. Its getting to be that time of year when all I crave are warm beverages.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. There is just something great about a good cup of chai! Yum.

    Your blog has sparked an interest. I'm going to take a moment to peak around.

    Mad Scientist

  3. Hi, My daughter loves chai tea, but I love strong coffee mayself. I have had the worst luck with cappucino machines, has broken at least three, I don't know why. So now I just french press and use the flavored creamers.

  4. Happy Friday - an old follower saying hi :) We do a lot of chai at home - every evening ritual with family. Its a very indian thing to do!

  5. Old follower hopping by again! I tend to stickly be a water girl myself, though I'm never opposed to a good marshmellow hot chocolate when it is cold out! Wow! That's a lot of reviews! I'm happy to get one out a week and thrilled if it's two! Of course I'm writing and doing interviews during the week also so that slows me down too! Lots of fun though!
    Have a super weekend!
    The Delusional Diaries

  6. I'm already a follower but thought I'd stop by! Oh, I do like your tea choices! :)

  7. Great post! hehe
    Stopping by the hop to say hi!

    Here's my post:

  8. 5 is optimistic! I'm lucky if I manage one, ha ha. :D Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    When I'm indulging, I love stopping at Starbucks for a chai tea frappachino -- I usually ask for 2 pumps chai and one scoop vanilla bean!

  9. Oh I am also all about those warm drinks! They just make me feel all cozy and nice inside :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Hi,
    Happy Friday! I'm doing the Blog Hop and Follow Friday. I usually drink iced tea while blogging and the occasional glass of wine. Have a magnificent weekend!

    I'm a old faithful follower.

  11. Hopping through. I'm already following. 5 reviews is impressive.
    I'm one of those weird people that only drinks tea straight - no milk, lemon, or sugar for me. I can't stand sweetened tea. Don't know why, since I'm a sugar-fiend normally.
    Have a great weekend!
    My Hop

  12. soo glad to meet you !!! following you on our hop

  13. Hopping by and following.

    Check my blog Murphy's Library.

  14. Hey! Happy Follow Friday! Just got back from my signing in California and posted a fun picture of me with Becca Fitzpatrick and Heidi R Kling for my FMBBF/Blog Hop post. Stop by and check it out!
    Happy Follow Friday!!!
    Emma Michaels

  15. Hi there Kristin! Thanks for stopping and following by my book blog. I'm making the rounds now, and I have to say I think I'm in love. I love your header/color scheme, and your reviews great!
    Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to your future posts! :)


  16. Just hopping by...happy hopping...first-time visitor...great blog design.

    Beautiful day here in Western Pennsylvania.

  17. Happy HOP! I drink LOADS of water during the day while at work. I do most of my blogging and reading at night so I switch to diet soda to help keep awake that little bit longer. Hmm I always thought I was a follower but it said I wasn't..easily fixed. Enjoy your weekend :)

    Hop on over and visit my blog :D

  18. Thanks for stopping by at Murphy's Library (!

    I'm following you now. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  19. Have you ever ordered from Davids Tea? They have a Coco-Chai Roibios that's to die for!
    Just hoping by, following and saying hi.
    If you have any scary or paranormal reviews, intereviews, or giveaways, then make sure to stop by my site and add them (anytime this month) to my Giving me the Creeps October page. I'm hoping to spread the word on some blogs and share the scary all month long!


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