Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloggiesta Day 2 Update

So, yesterday... was sort of a bust for me. I had this horrid migraine most of the morning and then we went and spent some time with family in the late afternoon. I still got about 2 or 3 hours of work in though...

Here's what I accomplished:

  • Email - got my gmail inbox from 170ish to 5 emails. That's right. Narrowed my yahoo, which is more family/listserv orientated from over 400 to about 170.
  • Commented on some posts.
  • Added my 2011 Bloody Jack Challenge button and link to post to my sidebar.
  • Read a bit.
So, looking at my original list.. I'm not sure I'll get everything done I needed to. Not sure what I want to tackle first, but I do plan on trying to finish Fallen Angel today as well as blog work. And, see the Green Hornet with my hubby. We'll have the Bears game on, but we don't actually just sit and watch those kinds of things. He'll do some homework, I'll do some blog work.

So, I'll probably start with reviews so I can have this week pretty much covered post wise, then maybe update my Random Buzzers... and hopefully maybe get to some html stuff for my menubars. How are you guys doing?

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  1. Glad to hear you beat the migraine, and still got some stuff accomplished. Way to tackle that email! Yikes!

    Good luck with those reviews today! ;)

  2. Awesome job narrowing down those emails! Every weekend I tackle my inbox and it's always a daunting task, but I feel so much better once it's done.

  3. Great job and bummer about the migraine - never had one but know a few friends who get them bad.


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