Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year In Review

Month in Review posts - links to books are included in each one
January in Review (27 books read, 81 blog posts)
February in Review (20 books read, 48 blog posts)
March in Review (33 books read, 52 blog posts)
April in Review (19 books read, 75 blog posts)
May in Review (18 books read, 54 blog posts)
June in Review (21 books read, 97 blog posts)
July in Review (37 books read, 63 blog posts)
August in Review (15 books read, 38 blog posts)
September in Review (26 books read, 40 blog posts)
October in Review (31 books read, 38 blog posts)
November in Review (7 books read, 24 blog posts)
December in Review (13 books read, 37 blog posts)

Events I hosted/came up with:

National Library Week Appreciation (with the help of some awesome blogging librarians)

Fun things I did this year on the blog:

Summing up 2010:
  • By the end of 2010, I had 1395 followers.
  • I read 274 books this year. See the full list on Goodreads.
  • I reviewed 177 books on the blog this year (that counts Book Views as well).
  • I posted 647 blog posts and am over 13,000 tweets on Twitter.
  • Had around 1375 followers on Twitter.
  • The month with most posts was June with 97 blog posts.

Book Tours of 2010
Island Sting (Traveling to Teens)
Life of Glass
Freaksville (Traveling to Teens)
Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs
The Puzzle Ring
A Spy in the House (Traveling to Teens)
Radiant Shadows (Traveling to Teens)
The Double Blog Dare Tour
The Emerald Talisman
The Body at the Tower (Traveling to Teens)
Where She Went Teaser Tour
Delcroix Academy Blog Tour
Low Red Moon
The House of Dead Maids
The Hole in the Wall
Alien Invasions and Other Inconveniences (Teen Book Scene)
Everlasting (Teen Book Scene)
The Healing Spell (Teen Book Scene)

Graphic Novels Challenge: Read 73/10 books total* Finished
CYBILS Award Challenge: Read 30 books total for MG GNs, 9 total for YA GNs, and 30 total for YA Fantasy - did not finish.
Debut Author Challenge: Read 63/12 books total* Finished
Reading From My Shelf Project: Read 43/100 books - did not finish
Books Won Reading Challenge: 6/10 books read - did not finish.

So I only finished 2 out of my 5 challenges... hopefully next year I will do better!

I started a lot of memes that just kind of flopped. Because of me or just they weren't a hit. Oh well.

This year starts a new age on Bookworming in the 21st Century. I have taken on a blog partner and she is fantastic. April Nichole had a blog previously and decided to join forces with me in November and we decided to wait until the New Year to start off with us as a team. Check out her first review - Once in a Full Moon.

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  1. oooh exciting, welcome April Nichole :)

  2. What a brilliant year, congratulations! Hope 2011 goes just as well for you :) x

  3. Holy smokes you were on fire in 2010! Hope 2011 is as good to you!

  4. Fabulous year!!!! WOW. Happy new year.

  5. I am very impressed!!! Put me to shame :( But seriously great work!!!

    This is why your blog is one of my favs!

  6. Talk about impressive! The month in which you read the least books came close to the month in which I read the most; my hat's off to you! And I think I have a whole 1% of the number of followers that you do! I'm really impressed with all you've done!

    Here's to an even better 2011!


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