Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: The Chaos

Author: Rachel Ward
Publication Date: March 1, 2011
Genre: YA Paranormal
Copy provided by: Publisher
Summary (via Goodreads):

The curse of the NUM8ERS continues in Rachel Ward's CHA0T1C, earth-shattering sequel!

Adam has more than inherited his mother's curse: When he looks in someone's eyes, he not only sees the date of their death...he feels the searing, shocking pain of it. Since Jem died, Adam has lived by the sea with his great-grandmother, Val. But when rising tides flood the coast, they return to London. The city is an alien, exciting, frightening place. Most disturbing of all, Adam can't help but clock how many people's numbers are in January 2027; how many are on New Year's Day. What chaos awaits the world? Can he and Sarah stop a catastrophe? Or are they, too, counted among the "twenty-sevens"?

Why I read this: I read the first book and figured that I'd give the second book a chance.

Plot: Adam is the son of Jem, a young woman who we met in the first novel Numbers. He must figure out what is going to happen in January of 2027 since that is the deathdate he sees over many of the people living in London.

Sarah has been dreaming about Adam since her father got her pregnant. In her dream, Adam steals her baby away and jumps through a fire. When she meets him in the flesh, she panics. Why has this evil young man come to life, why is he here? And why is she so drawn to him?

A book that is full of suspense, action and some terrifying events that really blew me away. I enjoyed the first book, but it felt slow and this book was so involved and had so much going on, I could barely put it down. Definitely a fantastic sequel.

Characters: I really liked the characters. They're not perfect, not in the least. They're a little bit crazy in their own ways. Adam sometimes loses control of himself and he at one point has to run away from hurting his own Nan. Sarah has a troubled past, her father having raped her since the age of 12. She finds more and more trouble as she tries to save her baby from Him, her father - who she is deathly afraid of and also from this new threat of a boy from her dreams who takes her darling girl away from her.

Relatability: Definitely a great novel for those that like suspense.

Cover Commentary: Lovely. I like the theme of these covers that so match the books.

Rating: 5/5 Roses

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  1. This book looks so great! I've yet read "Numbers" - gah! So many books so little time!


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