Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Catching Up Readathon Begins! (post your updates)

So, I'm way late posting this up. But, hopefully some of you have started reading today, if you had time. I knocked two quick books out and have started on a longer book already. I'm currently reading The Last Knight by Hilari Bell.

If you're updating on your blog, you can post them in the linkie below and I'll try to stop by at some point this weekend. :) As of now I'm now 29 books behind according to Goodreads and I cannot wait to change that. Off to read s'more!

-----My Update-----

Alright, so as of now I am only 23 books behind, which is better than 29, but not where I want to be at this point. I have, however read a lot of books.

Thursday I read:
Still Just Grace by Charise Harper
Julian Rodriguez by Alexander Stadler

Friday I read:
Foiled by Jane Yolen
Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan
Just Grace Walks the Dog by Charise Harper
Just Grace Goes Green by Charise Harper

Saturday I read:
More Starlight To Your Heart Volume 1 by Hiro Matsuba
More Starlight To Your Heart Volume 2 by Hiro Matsuba
Mark of the Succubus, #1 by Ashly Raiti
Amelia Rules! Funny Stories Volume 1 by Jimmy Gownley

Sunday I finished:
The Last Knight by Hilari Bell

Eleven books total! :)

Most of today was spent with family. I hope to knock out a few more books tomorrow as well. I'm currently reading NERDS by Michael Buckley and listening to Elixir by Hilary Duff.


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  1. hahaha I'm doing horrible already XD My brother brought home Dragon Age II so I've been marathoning that instead of reading...

  2. I actually started right after school, so I was able to knock out one book and I've started on another! :)

    Aryelle @ ReadingwiththeFishes

  3. Good luck with your readathon!

  4. My day 2 update is done :) And I've started...eep 2 books

  5. I have a lot of rerading to catch up on, but I have no time to do a catch-up-athon! Glad to see some people do. :)

  6. I think I'm just going to do an end-of-the-readathon post on Monday, with what I accomplished. Saves me having to take time away from reading to do more blog posts. :p

  7. Woohoo!! I've gone from 30 behind to 24 behind...
    Now back to reading!
    Good luck everyone! :D

  8. How are you doing? I am really enjoying having a weekend dedicated to reading.

  9. Officially finished with the readathon. I had hoped to get more read, but am happy with progress. Lots of fun this weekend!

  10. Wow.. You got to read a lot. I almost made my goal. My goal was 3 books. And I am reading the last one today :) Hopefully, I get to finish it :)
    And since I changed my goal a bit. I will be precisle on planed, when I finish this book. So no more behind :P

    My goal is now to read 60 paranormal books in a year. Which is hugh for me. Since I only read 29 books i a whole year, which was last year. But I am already on about book number 19 or 20 YaY.. Proud of myself :P

    Happy reading to all of you :D

  11. I didn't finish anything but I tried my hardest, lol.

  12. I managed to finish 4 books not bad for me LOL I was shy of my goal of 5 so I'm really proud of myself. *Sigh* now back to studying for finals.

  13. OMg I totally forgot my update post :) but here I am :)


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