Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Two Moon Princess

Author: Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban
Publication Date: June 2010
Genre: YA Fantasy
Copy provided by: Teen Book Scene
Summary (via Goodreads): In this coming-of-age story set in a medieval kingdom, Andrea is a headstrong princess longing to be a knight who finds her way to modern-day California. But her accidental return to her family's kingdom and a disastrous romance brings war, along with her discovery of some dark family secrets. Readers will love this mix of traditional fantasy elements with unique twists and will identify with Andrea and her difficult choices between duty and desire.

Why I read this: It was a book I heard of a while back, so I jumped at the chance to read it for a Teen Book Scene tour.

Plot: This story is about two worlds and the doors between them. A young princess accidentally steps through the door from her world into another and ends up in our world. Her uncle helps her to blend in with Earthly ways, but insists she return when the door next opens - the next full moon. Love seeks her out and she finds that she may like this new world much better than her own until she accidentally returns before she wanted to. I liked the pace of the plot, but I felt like I would have enjoyed more of the history behind how the two worlds had met. There was a good amount of intrigue and action that I whipped through the book quickly and it definitely was an entertaining read.

Characters: Andrea is an interesting character. And definitely still growing throughout the novel. The person that intrigued me the most was her uncle who lived mainly in our world but visited frequently to Andrea's. There was also King Julian, a man who seems vicious at first but you soon learn why he acts the way he does.

Relatability: I think those who like fantasy mixed with reality will enjoy this novel.

Cover Commentary: Very pretty, but not exactly who I pictured Andrea to be. The model looks a lot older than Andrea.

Rating: 4/5 Roses

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  1. The concept sounds really cool. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one, especially since I'm feeling a bit fantasy-ish. :)


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