Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Fair-Weather Friends

Title: Fair-Weather Friends (Good Girlz #5)
Author: ReShonda Tate Billingsley
Publisher: Pocket
Pages: 200
Source: Night Owl Reviews

Description: The Theta Ladies are the hottest new high school sorority, and Camille wants in! After seeing the girls perform a fantastic show at her school, Camille's dreaming of donning the pink satin T-shirt of the Thetas... and is beyond flattered when the sorority sisters actually acknowledge her existence. If only she could persuade her best friends - Alexis, Jasmine, and Angel - to join with her...
Jasmine has always butted heads with Tori Young, the Theta Ladies president, and she wants no part of the exclusive sorority scene. Camille, Alexis, and Angel are excited to be pledging and are up for any challenge.
When it is time to announce new members, Camille and Alexis are accepted and Angel's left out in the cold. Despite her disappointment, Angel encourages her friends to enjoy themselves. But when the real reason for Angel's rejection comes to light, Alexis and Camille must choose: Do they break their commitment to their newfound "sisters" to take a stand for their sister at heart?

Thoughts: This book would be able to hit close to home with a lot of people. If you feel like you have been judged according to the color of your skin or your background then you will be able to relate. The girls learn that one of there own has been judged and now they all have to deal with it. They see how it affects them and others around them. At times they don't know if there friendship is going to make it.
Billingsley does a really good job at taking the girls and the reader through this journey. If you were put in this situation would you deny your friend that you have been through a lot with or would you side with those that you want to be accepted by? Would you be willing to stand up for your friend or would you be willing to go as far as a get into a full blown fight with those that judged? This is an excellent real life kind of story.

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  1. A high school sorority? Never heard that one before. It sounds like a good topic, but not really my type of book. No rating, though, so... was it any good?

  2. This sounds like a good series. Nice review.


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