Friday, April 29, 2011

This or That List with Brent Hartinger

I had a fun time coming up with a This or That List for Brent Hartinger, author of Shadow Walkers.

Tea or Coffee?
Green tea. These people who pay five bucks for a cup of coffee? Don’t get that at all.

Sugar or Salt?
Sugar, and I’ll take this a step further (and alienate a lot of people), and say that I prefer sugar to chocolate. Chocolate is fine, but only because it has sugar in it.

Quiet or Loud?
Quiet, definitely. This typing I’m doing now is too loud for me.

Thrifty or Expensive?
Thrifty. Also known as “cheap.”

Vampires or Werewolves?
I was sick to death of vampires in 1998. You can imagine I feel now. Werewolves (although I’m soon to be sick of them too).

Unicorns or Zombies?
I know everyone probably says “zombie unicorns,” but I’m firmly in the “unicorn” camp.

Fantasy or Science Fiction?
Fantasy! Seriously: who doesn’t want to go to Narnia?

Hot or Cold?
Hot. Or, preferably, “hot tub warm.”

Movies or TV Shows?
You know, probably TV. So many movies just suck these days.

Hardcover or Paperback?
Paperback. Remember what I said about being thrifty? cheap?

Rain or Sun?
Misty morning, sunny afternoon.

Beach or Mountains?
Beach, but I like rocky, sea-weedy Puget Sound beaches, not necessarily sandy ones.

Ebooks or physical books?
Ebooks. Own the future!

Want to know more about Brent? Check out his website.

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  1. *gasp* Ebooks over real, paper, smells-like-foreign-spices books?! I'll forgive you, but only because I, too, want to visit Narnia.
    Nice interview!

  2. what a fun way to do an interview. love it!

    also, unicorns > zombies. most def.

  3. Hahaha zombie unicorns, I haven't heard that one before.

    And I'm shocked he chose ebooks over real books!


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